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The GLTEN is network of long-term agricultural experiments and associated researchers spanning six continents and representing a range of climates, environments, crop systems and farming practices.

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NameLast edited
209 8 months ago
Acid Strip 9 months ago
Agdell a month ago
Alley crop system with leguminous tree of high and low quality residues 8 months ago
Alternate Wheat and Fallow a year ago
Aludeka SOM trial Kenya 10 months ago
Broadbalk a month ago
Broadbalk Wilderness a month ago
CRUCIAL Field Trial 7 months ago
Conservation agriculture experiment for the low altitude areas in Malawi 4 months ago
Contaminated sludge cake experiment 9 months ago
Crop sequences effects in a soybean-monoculture 10 months ago
D2 Integrated Soil Fertility Management 10 months ago
D5 8 months ago
EMBU SOM Trial 10 months ago
Effect of long-term burning frequency on vegetation and soil in semi-arid savannas of Africa 5 months ago
Exhaustion Land 9 months ago
Fanaye Long-Term Fertility Experiment 10 months ago
Garden Clover 10 months ago
Geescroft Wilderness 9 months ago
Henderson Research Station Conservation Agriculture Long-Term trial 10 months ago
Highfield Bare Fallow 9 months ago
Highfield Conversion Experiment 9 months ago
Hoos Barley a year ago
IRRI Long-term Continuous Cropping Experiment 10 months ago
K Pierroton-France 7 months ago
LTE on Agriculture Sustainable Intensification in the Pampas of Argentina 10 months ago
Langgewens Long term crop rotation trials 10 months ago
Lenk Ranch, Land Use Change: Forest-to-pasture in a Chronosequence 9 months ago
Living Field Laboratory 4 months ago
Long term cover crops experiment 10 months ago
Long term crop sequences and tillage systems experiments 10 months ago
Long term experiment with no tillage and conventional tillage 10 months ago
Long term research on conservation agriculture (CA) in rice-wheat systems 10 months ago
Long-Term Trail about liming and No-tillage for Sugarcane crop System 8 months ago
Long-term Ecology Trial, Lincoln University 9 months ago
Long-term Miscanthus Experiment 10 months ago
Long-term ecological research at Kellogg Biological Station 8 months ago
Machanga SOM trial Kenya 10 months ago
Mango Orchard Agroecosystems 8 months ago
Metal Amended Liquid Sludge Experiment 9 months ago
Metal Salts Experiment 9 months ago
Monze FTC CA LT trial 10 months ago
Ndiaye Long-term Fertility Experiment 8 months ago
No-tillage and crop rotations for regions with water deficit 8 months ago
Nova Vida Ranch, Land Use Change: Forest-to-pasture chronosequence 9 months ago
Park Grass a month ago
Penaut in Conservation Soil Managements 8 months ago
Piquia Ranch, Land Use Change: Forest-to-pasture chronosequence. 9 months ago
Rancharia Forest-to-pasture Chronosequence 9 months ago
Rotaciones Agrícolas Ganaderas UEPP a year ago
Rotations under No-tillage 10 months ago
Rothamsted Amounts of Straw 9 months ago
Rothamsted Continuous Maize 9 months ago
Rothamsted Long-term Liming Experiment 5 months ago
Rowden Plots 10 months ago
SCRIME (Sustainable Cropping Rotations In Mediterranean Environments) a year ago
Saxmundham II 9 months ago
Saxmundham Rotation I 10 months ago
Sidada SOM trial kenya 10 months ago
Surface application of lime and phosphogypsum in a tropical no-tillage system 10 months ago
Surface lime and silicate in crop production systems 10 months ago
The Dourados Experiment: Integrated crop-livestock System 2 months ago
Tillage effects on a cropping system in the semiarid region of Argentina 10 months ago
Woburn Amounts of Straw 9 months ago
Woburn Continuous Maize 9 months ago
Woburn Ley Arable a year ago
Woburn Organic Manuring 9 months ago
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