About the GLTEN

The Global Long-Term Agricultural Experiment Network (GLTEN) is a network of long-term agricultural experiments spanning six continents and representing numerous climates, environments, crop systems and farming practices.

The Global Long-Term Agricultural Experiment Network (GLTEN) was launched in May 2018 with the aim of establishing and supporting a collaborative network within the international agricultural science community.

The GLTEN is supported by over 60 Long-Term Experiments (LTEs) across the world which represent diverse and contrasting climate regions and environments, as well as multiple crop systems and land management schemes.

The scientific findings from these LTEs enable the identification of factors influencing the sustainable intensification of agriculture worldwide and can contribute to several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The GLTEN is committed to making the agricultural LTEs metadata collection available online under a FAIR Data Principle (findable, accessible, interoperable, and re-usable)

GLTEN Steering Committee

Jonathan Storkey (PI)
Rothamsted Research
Carlos Eduardo P Cerri
Pauline Chivenge
Andres Quincke
Sieglinde Snapp
Michigan State University
Christian Thierfelder

Take Part

If you wish to become a member or have other questions about the GLTEN or GLTEN Metadata Portal, please email the GLTEN Co-ordinator at glten@rothamsted.ac.uk

Download the GLTEN Terms of Reference.

GLTEN Video Presentation

The following presentation on the GLTEN metadata platform was given as part of the RDA*nbsp;IGAD Webinar Series in Agriculture, 20 November 2019