Nutrient leaching - Strategies for cover crops in southern Sweden, R0-0701

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Different cover crop mixtures sown after harvest in autumn.
Flow proportional nutrient leaching from separately tile-drained plots, nutrients from harvest and soil sampling measuring the mineral nitrogen. The experiment R0-0701 on Lönnstorp Research station, SLU, has a focus on vegetation cover of the soil in autumn and cover crops in a southern Sweden (Skåne) context, but has no fixed set up. The treatments has changed since the start 1993 in order to follow the development of agriculture and address current crop management issues. There has been a rotation of treatments over the plots in order to avoid build-up of differences between individual plots. Biomass samples of cover crops and weeds are collected every autumn with analyses of N and C. Samples for soil mineral N is taken at harvest, late autumn and in spring. Yields of main crop are determined every year with analyses of N, P and K and samples of grain are archived. Samples for basic soil chemical properties are taken with six years interval (archived). Water flow is registered and flow-proportional water samples are analyzed for Tot-N and Tot-P. Earlier years also NO3-N, PO4-P and K was analyzed.
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An online application form for access to the long-term field experiments or data from these experiments. Seed sample archive available. Request sends to the experimental manager.
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SLU Agricultural Long-Term Experiments (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
research organisation
Senior Lecturer Helena Aronsson
principal investigator
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Department of Soil and Environment; Agricultural water management
Research Engineer Maria Blomberg
data manager
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Department of Soil and Environment; Agricultural water management
Dr. Lisbet Norberg
principal investigator
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Department of Soil and Environment; Agricultural water management

Site: Cover crops sown after harvest

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55.670944, 13.104479
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10 Metres
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Soil description
Clay loam
Soil properties
VariableDepthValue (range)UnitsRef yearEstimated?Baseline?
clay content0 – 30 Centimetres23 (19 – 28) Percent1992
silt content0 – 30 Centimetres26 (23 – 29) Percent1992
sand content0 – 30 Centimetres45 (38 – 54) Percent1992
clay content30 – 60 Centimetres21 (16 – 28) Percent1992
silt content30 – 60 Centimetres28 (18 – 34) Percent1992
sand content30 – 60 Centimetres47 (35 – 64) Percent1992
clay content60 – 90 Centimetres23 (17 – 30) percent1992
silt content60 – 90 Centimetres33 (24 – 36) Percent1992
sand content60 – 90 Centimetres42 (32 – 57) Percent1992
Climatic type
Temperate oceanic climate
Climate description
The long-term averages are taken from the nearest station owned by the Swedish Meterological and Hydrological institute (SMHI), Lund (station no.53430). Lönnstorp field station has a climate station, data can be found at the station name is Alnarp (number 24688).
Climate properties
VariableTime periodValue (range)Units
precipitation 1991 – 2020 676 millimeter
air temperature 1991 – 2020 9 degree Celsius

Design period: (1993—)

Year Treatment Plot no Cover crop Tillage 2022-2025 A 2, 4 & 7 No Autumn B 3, 6 & 8 Yes Autumn C 1, 5, 9 & 10 Yes No-till 2018-2021 A In rotation No Autumn B In rotation Phacelia+red clover Spring C In rotation Phacelia+ryegrass Spring D 10 Oats Spring 2012-2017 A In rotation No Autumn B In rotation Oilseed radish Spring C In rotation Hairy vetch, Buckwheat etc. Spring D 10 Oats Spring 2008-2010 Energy hemp (2 plots) Energy beets (2 plots) Maize (2 plots) Winter wheat with cover crop (2 plots) 1993-2007 Two winter wheat crop rotations with 80% winter covered soil including autumn sown crops, sugar beets and fallow.
Number of plots
Number of replicates
CropYears grown
cover crop

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  • Norberg, L. & Aronsson, H. 2020. Effects of cover crops sown in autumn on N and P Leaching. Soil Use and Management, 36, 200-211.
    10.1111/sum.12565 [In English]