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The GLTEN is network of long-term agricultural experiments and associated researchers spanning six continents and representing a range of climates, environments, crop systems and farming practices.

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NameLast edited
209 a year ago
Acid Strip a year ago
Agdell 9 months ago
Alley crop system with leguminous tree of high and low quality of biomass replace slash-and burn system and humid tropic 3 months ago
Alternate Wheat and Fallow 2 years ago
Aludeka SOM trial Kenya a year ago
Broadbalk 9 months ago
Broadbalk Wilderness 25 days ago
CRUCIAL Field Trial a year ago
Centre for Sustainable Cropping 6 months ago
Conservation agriculture experiment for the low altitude areas in Malawi a year ago
Contaminated sludge cake experiment a year ago
Crop sequences effects in a soybean-monoculture a year ago
D2 Integrated Soil Fertility Management a year ago
D5 a year ago
EMBU SOM Trial a year ago
Effect of long-term burning frequency on vegetation and soil in semi-arid savannas of Africa a year ago
Exhaustion Land a year ago
Fanaye Long-Term Fertility Experiment a year ago
Fosters Ley Arable 16 days ago
Garden Clover a year ago
Geescroft Wilderness a year ago
Henderson Research Station Conservation Agriculture Long-Term trial a year ago
Highfield Bare Fallow a year ago
Highfield Conversion Experiment a year ago
Highfield Ley Arable 16 days ago
Hoosfield Barley 24 days ago
IRRI Long-term Continuous Cropping Experiment a year ago
K Pierroton-France a year ago
LTE on Agriculture Sustainable Intensification in the Pampas of Argentina a year ago
Langgewens Long term crop rotation trials a year ago
Lenk Ranch, Land Use Change: Forest-to-pasture in a Chronosequence a year ago
Living Field Laboratory a year ago
Long term cover crops experiment a year ago
Long term crop sequences and tillage systems experiments a year ago
Long term experiment with no tillage and conventional tillage a year ago
Long term research on conservation agriculture (CA) in rice-wheat systems a year ago
Long-Term Trail about liming and No-tillage for Sugarcane crop System a year ago
Long-term Ecology Trial, Lincoln University a year ago
Long-term Miscanthus Experiment 25 days ago
Long-term ecological research at Kellogg Biological Station a year ago
Machanga SOM trial Kenya a year ago
Mango Orchard Agroecosystems a year ago
Metal Amended Liquid Sludge Experiment a year ago
Metal Salts Experiment a year ago
Monze FTC CA LT trial a year ago
Ndiaye Long-term Fertility Experiment a year ago
No-tillage and crop rotations for regions with water deficit 6 months ago
Nova Vida Ranch, Land Use Change: Forest-to-pasture chronosequence a year ago
Park Grass 9 months ago
Penaut in Conservation Soil Managements a year ago
Piquia Ranch, Land Use Change: Forest-to-pasture chronosequence. a year ago
Rancharia Forest-to-pasture Chronosequence a year ago
Rotaciones Agrícolas Ganaderas UEPP 2 years ago
Rotations under No-tillage a year ago
Rothamsted Amounts of Straw a month ago
Rothamsted Continuous Maize a year ago
Rothamsted Long-term Liming Experiment a month ago
Rowden Plots a year ago
SCRIME (Sustainable Cropping Rotations In Mediterranean Environments) 2 years ago
Saxmundham II 3 days ago
Saxmundham Rotation I a month ago
Sidada SOM trial kenya a year ago
Surface application of lime and phosphogypsum in a tropical no-tillage system a year ago
Surface lime and silicate in crop production systems a year ago
The Dourados Experiment: Integrated crop-livestock System 7 months ago
Tillage effects on a cropping system in the semiarid region of Argentina a year ago
Winchmore long-term fertiliser trial 4 months ago
Woburn Amounts of Straw a month ago
Woburn Continuous Maize a year ago
Woburn Intensive cereals a month ago
Woburn Ley Arable 2 years ago
Woburn Market Garden 24 days ago
Woburn Organic Manuring a year ago
Woburn long-term liming experiment a month ago
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