SARIA II: The effect of four types of organic amendments on Sorghum yield

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The effect of four types of organic amendments on Sorghum yield
Years operational
To compare the effects of several organic amendments +/- N application on crop yield.
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The Agricultural Research Station of Saria
experimental research station
Institute of Environment and Agricultural Research
research organisation

Site: Saria II

research station field
Burkina Faso
Geographic location
12.274455, -2.155445
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300 Metres
Visits permitted?
Plots are tractor ploughed to 20cm depth.
Soil type
Soil description
The soil is Ferric Lixisol with a sandy loam texture. The soil has very low soil organic carbon (SOC), N and available P and poor Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). The soil is acid with a pH (H2O) between 4.09 and 5.51.
Soil properties
VariableDepthValue (range)UnitsRef yearEstimated?Baseline?
soil pH (4.09 – 5.51)
soil density0 – 15 Centimetres (1.64 – 1.82) gram per cubic centimetre2007
find sand content0 – 15 Centimetres (29.2 – 33.3) Percent2007
course sand content0 – 15 Centimetres (24.5 – 29.9) Percent2007
silt content0 – 15 Centimetres (28.9 – 34.9) Percent2007
clay content0 – 15 Centimetres (8 – 11) Percent2007
soil total carbon0 – 15 Centimetres (17.3 – 34.9) gram per kilogram2007
total soil nitrogen0 – 15 Centimetres (0.82 – 2.24) gram per kilogram2007
soil carbon to nitrogen ratio0 – 15 Centimetres (16 – 23) 2007

Design period: (1980—)

Design Type
Randomized complete block design
Design description
The experiment tests four types of organic amendment (sorghum straw, aerobic, compost, anaerobic compost, and farmyard manure) with and without nitrogen. Plots measure 5 x 4.8m
Number of plots
Number of replicates
CropYears grown
Factor name
Factor levels
nitrogen fertilizer exposure
N+  (23 kgN/ha)
Applied to crop: sorghum
Chemical form: urea
N-  (0 )
No N applied
natural fertilizer exposure
control exposure
Applied to crop: sorghum
No organic amendment
straw  (10 t/ha)
Applied to crop: sorghum
Chemical form: sorghum straw
farmyard manure  (10 t/ha)
Applied to crop: sorghum
Chemical form: farmyard manure
aerobic compost
Applied to crop: sorghum
Chemical form: aerobic compost
anaerobic compost
Chemical form: anaerbic compost

Related publications

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